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Foundation Structural Repair

Do you have cracked or damaged foundation walls? If so, carbon fiber straps may be the right choice for your home. We offer two types of products for a bowed walls, which is dependent on the condition of the interior surface. Also, we have a bi-directional carbon fiber strap that secures the foundation wall to prevent more damage.

We can also take care of cracks in your basement floors, concrete driveways, and sidewalks. To prevent the cracks from getting worse, we utilize carbon fiber strips.

We are proud to use Stronghold® products that use HJ3 technology. We are currently the only company Certified by Stronghold in Delaware. Stronghold®– Structural Basement Repairs with the strongest name in carbon fiber™

HJ3 offers the most comprehensive line of high strength composite materials for reinforcing and protecting structures against earthquakes, blasts, and environmental damage. Through our line of composite wraps & laminates, we integrate the advancements made by the aerospace industry in material science with product solutions for the construction industry.

As a technology transfer company, our high strength composite materials are supported by 20 years of research and testing at the University of Arizona. Test results have been published in over 150 technical papers and engineering journals including the prestigious Journal of Composites for Construction by the American Society of Civil Engineers. And because of our tech transfer relationship, HJ3 has full access to the University of Arizona’s comprehensive composite lab. This access allows us to perform application-specific testing for clients, and shape our development efforts for new products.

HJ3 The Strongest Name in Carbon Fiber
By combining HJ3′s superior material composition, our proven application methods and complete engineering and testing support, we turn the benefits of composite material technology into practical and economical real world solutions to help support the world’s aging structures.

Consider Carbon Fiber Reinforcement When:

  • There is horizontal or stair-step cracking along the foundation walls
  • There are vertical cracks that have opened on the wall
  • There is inward bowing or bulging along the walls
  • There is wet, clay soil around the home, coupled with damaged walls
  • Your walls are leaning in at the top
  • There is diagonal cracking at corners of foundation walls
  • Your walls are sliding inward on the bottom

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