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When it comes to planning a project for your home, many times homeowners don’t know where to start. Here are a few things to think about when getting ready for that next big project.

Home Additions & Finished Basements:

Some people have always wanted an extra guest room, a bigger family room, a more light-filled kitchen, finished basement or just some extra space. Home additions are a great way to expand your home without the necessity of moving and giving up on your great location, neighbors and home.

Location of your home addition:
How do you know which side of the house to add onto? This depends on the current location, the rooms in your home, and what type of space you’d like to add. We are happy to sit down with you to discuss your options and present ideas. Talking with a contractor will give you insight to what is possible.

What will it cost?
The cost of a home addition greatly varies depending on the type and size you want. We can build glamorous home additions that can up to double the size of your house, or we can do a simple room. It’s totally up to you and your budget.

When should I start planning?
As soon as possible. Most contractors usually have their schedules planned out for weeks and months ahead (especially for big projects). Some contractors will work one day on a job, then move to others hoping around trying to keep everyone happy … but what you end up with lots of projects that take way longer to complete, which is inconvenient to all the homeowners (not making them happy) and projects that could drag on for months when they shouldn’t. Yuk! Builders Integrity likes to limit the “hopping” from job to job by planning one job at a time. *Please note: Since Covid, supplies & materials have increased in price and take longer to get. Please allow for more time when planning a project. Your patience is appreciated.