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We are Builders Integrity…

Not the other.

Some of you don’t know us, and if you did you would not confuse us with any other. We have received some reviews on the web, messages, and calls about the company called “Integrity Builders” that use to work mainly for Beracah Homes. We are sorry that those individuals were adversely affected by them but it is NOT us. We are Builders Integrity, Inc.

We want to clarify we are NOT them…
We are a small company owned by two brothers for over 20+ years and in no way, shape or form are we associated with Integrity Builders. Many people are getting confused. Please before writing nasty comments on our business page, facebook, making phone calls, etc… make sure you are contacting the correct company first.

We thank our customers for their support over the last 20 years and will continue to stand by our reputation.

Thank you,
Builders Integrity, Inc.
Andy Rogers
Kris Rogers